Thursday, August 30, 2012

Knaebean Creations Soaker Review {Sponsor Spotlight}

We were recently lucky enough to go on vacation. I have never taken a vacation with 2 under 2.  The first day we had lofty goals of driving 8 hours or more.  I wasn't sure how often we would be stopping to change diapers, so I decided to put our Knaebean Creations Natural Color Pure Virgin Wool soakers to the test. 

 Here is my sweet Brooke gearing up for the ride (I had to snap a photo before we completely buckled up).  Poor girl had hand, foot and mouth as we took off on our journey.  I put the wool over a pocket diaper and we were off.  We traveled 6 hours before needing to stop to change her.  I am happy to report that the soaker was just a touch damp.
Check out the totally cute flower butt on this soaker.  Knaebean Creations is so incredibly talented and takes the utmost care in crocheting a one of a kind design!
Another view of this sweet wool soaker.  Knaebean Creations can work with you to help come up with a fabulous soaker or other customized one of a kind crocheted piece.
Clara, the two year old is in the beginning stages of potty training.  Here is her adorable lady bug soaker.  She went 5 hours before needing a potty break and her Knaebean Creations Wool Soaker was completely dry!

You can purchase your own 100 % Virgin Wool Soaker here or win you own in the upcoming Blog Green Family Giveaway Hop on Mama Bucks blog September 15-30.

Snap Me Swimsuit Review {Vlog}

A review of the Snap Me Swimwear available at Who knew the fast snap/unsnap crotch existed for infant and toddler swimsuits.  No more struggling with wet suits. Now that I have been spoiled by this feature in a suit, I am hooked!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pizza Party Yoga Class for Kids DVD {Review}

891273002316_LRG.jpg I try to make time in each day to exercise. Most the time that is easier said than done.  Sometimes in order to get some movement in I have to find a way to incorporate the kids.  Enter the Pizza Party Yoga Class for Kids. OrganaKids sent us this DVD to test out.  We love it. I can do the yoga movements along side the kids (and vice versa).  The instructor in the video teaches the children the proper yoga techniques in a fun way with upbeat songs and bright classroom backgrounds.  The kids don't view the yoga as exercise, because other children appear in the video.  My 5 view it as just plan fun! If you are struggling to incorporate fitness with a busy family I highly recommend purchasing the video that retails for $19.99 here.

* I was given a product free of charge for the purpose of providing an honest review. All the opinions and thoughts are my own. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review.

NC vol 1 flat cover.jpg

Sodastream {Review}

I love soda, but I don't love the ingredients that are in it.  Enter the Sodastream.  With Sodastream you are able to bottle you own soda from your own home with Sodastream flavors and tap water.  Genius! There are over 60 different flavors. The regular flavors contain no high-fructose corn syrup, and diet flavors are sweetened with Splenda® brand sweetener, not aspartame. Certainly sounds better to me!  I think we have used our Sodastream almost everyday since receiving it.  We even brought it to a family reunion. And I love that it is so simple to operate that my 12 and 8 year olds can do it with ease.  You can purchase your own Sodastream Fountain Jet here, prices start at $79.95 and you can enjoy free shipping for a limited time.

*I was given a product free of charge for the purpose of providing an honest review. All the opinions and thoughts are my own. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

immuno-viva Core {Review}

I always seem to have troubles with my skin post partum and additionally, I am huge believer in taking natural supplements to maintain and support my health.  I was sent a sample of immuno-viva Core.  I love that it has Omega 3s and antioxidants in the form of black raspberry seed oil and black cumin seed oil.  Previously I had been a fish oil lover, but Core has even more antioxidants than fish oil. As illustrated in the chart below:

Lipid Power  With the help of Core my skin has resolved itself and I am back to maintaining my health.  Immuno-viva Core retails for $54.95 for 30 capsules and worth every penny. You can purchase it here.

Monday, August 27, 2012

immuno-viva Sunrise Tea {Review}

Sunrise Tea  I love drinking tea and was very estatic to try Immuno-Viva Sunrise Tea.  Being a Mom to 5 children, anything that promises to Energize Naturally has to be fabulous in my book.  I sampled this tea for a month straight.  Why?  I had a nagging cold that wouldn't go away and this tea hit the spot in many ways.  First the obvious, the hot tea soothed my sore throat.  But better than that, being a busy mom means that I am always "on".  This tea gave me the energy to keep going when I felt so incredibly tired.

Immuno-Viva Sunrise Tea is a black, green & white tea with the power-packed Immuno-Viva® Antioxidant Cascade™ blend. The best part of immuno-viva sunrise tea is that it contains no sucrose, fructose or artificial sweeteners.  Immuno-Viva Sunrise Tea retails for $11.95 for 20 bags and can be purchased here.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Me Time" {Literary Love Sponsor Spotlight}

"Me Time"...What is That? (Guest Post by

Do you tend to push yourself too hard and strive for excellence? Do you have unrealistic daily expectations of yourself? Do you feel like your life has become a series of tasks to complete versus moments to enjoy? Are you convinced you can do it all, even if it creates a chaotic stressful lifestyle? Do you consistently put yourself last on your "to do" list? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I would like to share with you the value of "me time". This is Strategy #1 in the new book Live Life Beyond the laundry by Christy Tryhus.

Many women believe that taking “me time” is selfish; I used to be one of them. Spending time on yourself is critical! Yes, as impossible as it may seem, taking “me time” is a necessity. If you do not take “me time” you are likely to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and burnt out, or even depressed. If you continue to neglect yourself you will begin to notice your lack of an overall sense of joy and purpose in life. Your health may suffer and it will likely become harder to tend to the needs of other people, priorities and responsibilities.

Even just 10 minutes a day helps. If you neglect tending to your own needs for relaxation, enjoyment and happiness, you are not at your peak. You are operating with your battery partially charged. The typical response I get when I ask people about "me time" is…” I am too busy to take time for myself”. My response is…” you are too busy not to plan taking time for yourself”. “Me Time” is critical time needed to re-energize and recharge your battery. Batteries are more productive and efficient when fully charged. The same rule applies to you.

Here is your challenge: For the next 5 days take 10 minutes each day to do something you enjoy, "me time". After 5 days ask yourself, "how do I feel"? If you feel energized, keep doing it. If you feel stressed, keep doing it. Often it takes 3 to 4 weeks of consistent "me time" to reap the reward. Are you up for the challenge? Share your success stories on Facebook at and learn more from busy women just like you.

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Literary Love Giveaway Hop #literarylove {Live Life Beyond the Laundry prize pack ARV $120+}

Welcome to the Literary Love Giveaway Hop hosted by Views from the Ville and Money Saving Mindy.  You will find 40+ bloggers giving away prize packages centered around books.  Mama Bucks is giving the following prizes that are centered around Strategy #1 "Me" Time in the book Life Life Beyond the Laundry by Christy Tryhus.

Profile Picture

Live Live Beyond the Laundry Book by Christy Tryhus.  7 strategies to shift life from chaos to calm. ARV $19.95.  Find my review here.
Sunrise Tea
immuno viva Sunrise Tea{Energize Naturally}. ARV $11.95.

immuno viva core ARV $54.95

Lusa Lotion Bar from Mama's Emporium. ARV $8.15.

Piggy Paint - Non Toxic Nail Polish from Mama's Emporium. ARV $8.99

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