Sunday, April 17, 2011

"No More Dreaded Mondays" by Dan Miller

I read the book "No More Dreaded Mondays" by Dan Miller. This book makes the case for why people should take a leap of faith out of their day to day job that they hate and seek a career that will be fulfilling. He makes the case for financial success when you spend time doing something that you love and are passionate about versus just a 'job'.

The author also encourages people to search for ways to earn money even when you're not working, for example selling a book, advertising or a 'how to' guide on line. This provides for value that doesn't require 'time in', 'money paid'--meaning you're getting paid even when you're not working.

Another key point of the book is that balance in your work life and family life is important. If you are successful in work, but are spending 80 hours per week doing it, you are missing out on so much in life.

Bigger is not always better. The author has no employees, he works from home and he makes a considerable amount of money doing it. He has less issues because he contracts with other people for work he needs done and never has to deal with employees. It's one more way to simplify life, but not sacrifice his career or earning potential.

This is a very good book and i'd recommend it to most people who dread Mondays.

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