Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Elf on Shelf Day #1 #Elfonashelf

On Day one our Elf on a Shelf introduced himself.  I am going to preface this by saying two things.  First, our Elf on a Shelf is teeny, teeny tiny.  He was a gift and we are going with it.  Second, I have never done nor read the "Real" Elf on shelf material that is out there.  That being said, our Elf may roll a bit different than yours. 

Our Elf is named Elvis and he is Elf #255.  He has been assigned to our family to keep tabs on the children and report back to Santa.  He told the kids that they would never know where he might be and what he may be up to.  He told them he would keep them on their toes!  He left them each a chocolate advent calendar.  I long dated tradition in our household!

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