Friday, June 21, 2013

Sent by Hilary Alan: Are you ready to go where you are called?

I read a book called Sent by Hilary Alan it chronicles a Suburban All-American Family living the "American Dream".  They sell everything to move to Thailand to assist in Tsunami relief efforts.  Before embarking on this journey they put their yes on the table to God by saying, "Yes, Lord, I will do what You ask me to do and go where You send me. No conditions."

The Alan family packs up and heeds God's calling to a strict Muslim area.  They embrace the culture by dressing culturally appropriate, working alongside their Muslim friends in the rice fields and learning the language.  Because of the family's respect of the Southeast Asian culture, the family is able to share the gospel and pray with their Muslim friends.

The story also chronicles how living as a minority in a land far away from what you have always known strengthens your family bond.  Siblings become best friends. Your relationships with your friends become more familial.  You gain more understanding from going to Church, because church is in your home and everyone must participate.  In addition, you become more intentional and passionate about your activities.  Daughter, Molly, exhibited. when there are no dance classes or instructors you really have to work extremely hard to hone and continue with your passion.

I'm wondering how many of us are willing to do the same?  To trust so deeply in God's design for our lives and wait ever so patiently for him to answer our questions, present company included.  I am trying. I'm really, really trying.

 We are struggling with moving our own family.  And even though the circumstances aren't as extreme as the Alan's, it is not an easy decision for our family of 7.  But, we have put our 'yes' on the table, and our believing and patiently waiting for God's answer. 

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