Friday, June 8, 2012

How do you feel about new people jumping into your life? #NaBloPoMo

I love when new people jump into my life.  I feel so blessed to have made so many new connections in the last 9 months with so many other amazing moms.

This school year many new moms have joined my circle of friends.  I have forged friendships due to children the same age, or children with similar interests.  Also, some of these friendships have formed out of remarkably similar life experiences.  Coincidence--I think not!

The one character flaw I have about meeting new people is I am slow to warm up.  What I mean by slow to warm up is that it will take me some time before I will feel comfortable enough to invite you to my home.

I am not a natural born hostess.  I feel too inadequate and self conscious.  My mind always asks:  What would we eat, what would we do, what would we talk about?

I'm going to try better to jump out of my shell of self-consciousness.  Please do not take offense if I haven't invited you over for a playdate, yet.  I'm working on it because we Moms need other Mom friends.

NaBloPoMo June 2012
I am participating in NaBloPoMo which stands for “National Blog Posting Month” and is a blogging challenge created by the team at blogher.


  1. I am a social butterfly and LOVE to meet new people, however it breaks my heart when friends move on and away.


  2. I feel like i am a bad hostess too, I think experience helps, it gets easier the more you do it!