Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jump {Into Summer}

It has begun...with 4 days left in the school year the neighborhood children are ready for summer vacation. The trampoline jumping has begun.  This Mama has only days left to prepare for what is sure to be another fun-filled summer filled with popsicles, kids running in and out of the house, swimming & smores.  I remember as a child how much promise and excitement the summer held.  Promises of exploring new things on a family vacation to a destination you had never been.  Or, the excitement of backyard slumber parties in a tent.  I love the summer and all the buzz & chaos it creates in our tight knit neigborhood.  I love sunny days spent with my kids at the pool. I love the taste of an ice cream cone from one of our local ice cream shops.  And, I love having all my babies home all day with me.  I am certainly ready to Jump into summer vacation are you?
NaBloPoMo June 2012


  1. I remember the ecstasy that was the end of the school year! You totally capture that feeling in your post.

    Sadly I'm in summer classes this year!

  2. I remember jumping on the trampoline so much during fun!!

  3. You don't fully appreciate summer vacation until you're out of school and in the work force. Oh well, I'll eat an ice cream bar at my desk as consolation!
    Have fun on the trampoline!

  4. I am ready for July.. We've had camps, pool, but no beach time yet.. I am ready for the beach and to jump in the warm Gulf water!