Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hazelaid Review & {Sponsor Spotlight}

I have a 15 month old who spent her first year of life congested.  She slept in the Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper or swing for most of her 1st 9 months of life.  I had heard Hazelwood could help alleviate congestion and when I was given a chance to review a Hazelwood necklace from Hazelaid I jumped at the chance. 

This same 15 month old is just in the beginning stages of teething (yes all 5 of my kiddos have been late teethers).  I chose a Hazelwood-Amber necklace to help with both the congestion and teething.  Boy did it not disappoint.  When she is not wearing the necklace she is cranky.  When I have bathed her and forgotten to but the necklace back on, she has even woke in the middle of the night crying owie, owie, owie.  And while we are dealing with congestion right now, it certainly isn't as severe nor is it waking her at night.

I was also able to choose a necklace for me, too.  I chose a Hazelwood Necklace for myself.  I have been struggling with acne.  It has been driving me bonkers, too.  I mean it is worse than I remember my teen years being.  I am super impressed with the healing powers in Hazelwood.  When I don't wear it for an extended time, I experience flare ups.  I am recommending Hazelaid to all my friends struggling with post par-tum acne.

Hazelaid was extremely helpful in helping me select the correct necklaces for our family's needs.  I have even since purchased another necklace for my 2 year old that struggles with eczema and it has worked wonders for her skin.  Hazelaid was even kind enough to follow up on my purchases.  Now that is some amazing customer service!

Mama Bucks blog will be giving away a Hazelwood necklace from Hazelaid beginning December 1-7 in the Merry Fluffy Christmas Hop.  But, if you can't wait until than you can make your purchase here.


  1. I tried Amber but it didn't make a difference in our eczema problem. Maybe I should give hazelwood a try.

  2. What a great giveaway! I had a Hazelaid Hazelwood-Amber necklace when my little one was teething, I wish I would have got one for myself!

  3. My nephew had reflux & my sister discovered the same hazelwood necklaces & also amber - he wore both until he was 2 & the same thing as w/ your little one - if she forgot to put it back on after a bath she could tell right away. They also help w/ morning sickness when pregnant.

    Now I have to go check if I still have one, I should have it on Colin since he's teething & waking up at night!

  4. I never would have considered amber necklaces. Glad it's working for you!