Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why have there been crickets on this blog?

Many of you may have been wondering why there have been crickets on the blog (At least I hope someone is wondering as that means someone is reading this). Every fall I work from home for a fundraising company as a Contract Data Entry Specialist. I am blessed that my office is in my home and is surrounded by a plethora of toys.

I am thankful that I don't have set number of hours to work each day or week. That being said, I do set my own personal goals and mid September until Thanksgiving becomes extremely nutty with Mama not getting much sleep at all! This work from home opportunity helps out our family of 7 tremendously!  And while due to my contractual obligation I cannot provide you anymore information or details, I will say that I have found this and many other work at home opportunities at the forum on this site Take a look and good luck if you are looking for this kind of opportunity. Thanks for sticking by me in the fall of crickets.

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