Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wahm-ie Panties Review and Discount

We recently purchased a soaker from Wahm-ie Pantie.  We bought the Tweet cute is that?  It is a light pink fleece with a bird print.  It has a lime green contrast waist band and for extra cuteness an eyelet ruffle right smack on her booty.  The soaker is a medium and it fits her long and lean frame perfect.  I haven't had her weighed recently, but I am guessing that she is between 15-16 pounds.  I am a pocket gal, so I have never used a soaker before.  Soakers are generally used as a cover with a fitted or a prefold.  I am loving my soaker under summer dresses.  My girls are heavy wetters, so I like putting them under my less absorbent pockets or AIOs (All-in-ones) thus making them more absorbent.  Also, I love using them at night as a PJ bottom which makes my overnight diaper a touch more leak proof.  The fleece is super soft and I love that it has easy machine washable care.  In addition, it seems to be more breathable and more gentle on sensitive skin than pul.  Wahm-ie Pantie is owned by a super sweet mom that can help you customize your Wahm-ie Pantie.  I love supporting other fellow Mommies at home!  She had super fast shipping which is awesome if you have a fluffy addition like mine!  I will be giving a way a Wahm-ie Pantie as part of the Summer Cloth Diaper giveaway I am participating in from June 21-30.  In the meantime, Wahm-ie Pantie is currently holding a sale.  

Wahm-ie Pantie is offering the following specials:
$5 soakers - (your choice). 
$7 shorties - (your choice)
$8 longies - (your choice)

Spend $25 and get one item 1/2 off.
Spend $30 and get a free soaker
Spend $35 and get free shorties
Spend $40 and get free longies
Every 10th order will get a choice item FREE.

*Note: please send her a PM with item/print/trim/size (found in "about" and "current stock" - not shown in stock is a boys shark print). If prints go quickly, she will re-stock with new prints.

*Sale through Thursday! She will complete orders as they come to me... all orders will go out by Saturday.

Love Wham-ie Panties under summer dresses

There is just something too adorable about a ruffled butt :)

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