Monday, May 21, 2012

MG Baby (Maci Grace) Cloth Diaper Review sent us an MG (Maci Grace) pocket diaper to review. 

My first impressions were that I:
* Love the rainbow snaps on the black
*The inners are made of Super Soft Fleece. I prefer this material for the inners for the stay dry feel it provides my babies.
*It came with two 4 layer bamboo inserts. 
*It snaps down to a tiny size.
* The wing tabs can snap criss-crossed

The colorful snaps as described above.
The super soft inner along with the two 4-layer bamboo inserts.
A picture of the MG Baby tabs criss-crossed which allow for a great fit for a skinny baby. I have not come across this feature in other snapping cloth diapers. But as a Mom to a long and lean girl, I can appreciate this capability.
This is the MG Baby diaper completed snapped to the smallest settings.  The tiny size coupled with the trim bamboo insert should make MG Baby a a one size diaper that could truly be used from newborn on up.
The first thing I did was prep the bamboo inserts by boiling them for 20 minutes.  I then washed and dried them. I have never used bamboo so I was excited to see how it would preform for my 9 month super soaker.

Once prepped, Brooke was ready to put MG Baby to the test.  Since I have never used bamboo before I decided to try it with both inserts. And even with both inserts in, the diaper had an ultra trim fit.  There should not be any issues with bulkiness or MG Baby not fitting under jeans. I was most impressed with the fact that Brooke wore this diaper for 4 hours straight and not a single leak or bit of dampness on the outside of the diaper.  In fact, when I took off her MG Baby and pulled out the inserts to check the absorbency, the back 1/4 of both inserts were still dry.  I could not believe that after that long the inserts were not completely saturated.  This heavy wetting baby and Mom duo can not wait to get our hands on some more of these awesome MG Baby diapers!


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