Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Who are you missing today?

sun rays coming out of the clouds in a blue skyFriday was my Gramps' Birthday and boy, do I ever miss him.  After nearly 10 years, the sting of missing him hasn't gone away.  I miss the soundof  his voice saying, "Golly Geewillikers" or calling me hootenanny or hooter for short.  I miss his thick silver hair and the dapper way he looked in his dress coat & hat.  I miss the way he chuckled deep inside his belly.  I miss pulling up in the yard next to Granny & his house and seeing him descend from his tractor dressed in his Case IH coveralls and watching him limp down the driveway to greet me.  A limp left from the Polio that he was able to fight and beat!
My Grandpa was never a war hero.  In fact he was an only child that grew up on a family farm which made him unable to serve.  But on this Memorial Day my Gramps is and always will be my hero.  And Gramps as you would always say as we departed ways, "Be Good."

*Who are you missing today?  I would love to here about them.  Leave me a comment about them.

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