Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stonyfield YoToddler Review

We were able to sample Stonyfield's YoToddler with other Moms.  We tried the YoBaby Yogurt, YoToddler Yogurt and the YoKids Greek Yogurt.  Hands down the children preferred the Greek Yogurt.  It was a texture thing and they just preferred the "thicker" yogurt.  The Greek YoKids was Strawberry flavored . I believe this also contributed to it being a favorite as far as flavor.  After sampling, we also blended some up into smoothies and that was a huge hit, as well.  Moms loved the fact that Stonyfield's yogurt is made with Organic Whole Milk.  I would prefer there to be less sugar in them, but it is less than other yogurts on the market.  I also loved that I was able to pronounce all the ingredients on the label.  I believe if you can't recognize or pronounce something on a label you better think twice about ingesting it.  We will definitely purchase this yogurt in the future. 

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